Rebuttals to others attacking Neil Brick, SMART and other ritual abuse survivors

There have been more recent attacks on Neil Brick repeating some of the previous misstatements made by others.

One misstatement by those attacking ritual abuse, child abuse and MPD (now called DID) survivors is that these survivors are mostly female white middle class and middle aged survivors.  Those that make these statements do not back them up with evidence.  Many survivors of severe child abuse are on disability or live in poverty.  Those working with these survivors know this.  DID and ritual abuse cases have been been found around the world.  This has been documented by mainstream media sources and scientific research.

The same websites that use insults, name calling and attack survivors of ritual abuse also claim there is no evidence for ritual abuse crimes.  They appear to ignore all evidence and research showing that ritual abuse does exist.  Some of this evidence is documented at

Another misstatement made by “skeptics” is that SMART publishes information from “any source” in regard to data backing the existence of ritual abuse.  This is unproven and not true.  SMART works very hard to verify all sources and when possible uses peer reviewed scientific journals and mainstream media articles for its sources.  A good example of this is our over 100 newsletters listed at

Readers should always consider the reputability of the source they are reading.  Does the source lower itself to name calling and insults in an attempt to falsely sway the reader to believe its arguments and disparage its ideological opponents? Does the source make inaccurate statements and then expand these statements further?

If this is the case, is the true intent of the website to inform others about factual information or to promote an incorrect idea about child abuse crimes?

Our website works hard to educate others about ritual abuse and child abuse crimes. We provide reputable sources to back up our claims.

A long list of some of our sources can be found at: